Sioni Academy was founded in 2007 by Simenona Martinez. The program provides exercises and training rooted in the arts as well as personal development. Catering to the needs of individual schools, parents, and children, Sioni Academy can provide after school services, one-on-one private lessons, group classes and exercises, and/or school assemblies, presentations, or other special engagements.

Simenona is a professional actress and recording artist. She has appeared in several movies, commercials and public service announcements, and recently starred in the Blockbuster hit movie “Alex Cross,” and hosted the Disney Channel’s “Behind the Ears.” Simenona is also an accomplished filmmaker, and one of her documentaries, “Black and White,” was featured in the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2002. Simenona also currently runs her own production company, Sioni Entertainment.

Simenona has always had a passion for youth, and formed Sioni Academy as a means to have a positive effect on youth in the community. Sioni Academy was created to provide support for youth, especially gifted youth, by expanding their extracurricular activities. As a gifted adult, Simenona is equipped with the knowledge and background to help develop useful tools that will enhance the development of young minds.