Types of Programs

  • Group Classes
  • Individual Tutoring and Coaching
  • After School Programs
  • School Assemblies and Presentations

Sioni Academy offers classes, activities and presentations addressing a wide variety of subjects, including: self development, self esteem, self awareness, developing creativity, studying skills, time management, conversational strategies, acting, art, and even computers. These programs are developed to benefit the gifted and non-gifted, the performer and non-performer. Since Sioni’s founder has an extensive background in the entertainment industry, if desired, our programs can be tailored for children who strive to be performers. However, we stress that the curriculum is beneficial to all youth, not just those considering a career in the entertainment industry. Additionally, there are different levels of giftedness, and Sioni is sensitive to those differences, creating programs that will be effective to all youth, gifted or not.

One of our main goals is to reduce the fear of being judged. Fear prevents people from performing to their fullest potential in all areas of development. In addition, there is often a shame that comes with being gifted and talented, especially in inner-city communities, and Sioni helps students deal with these issues, as well as channel those gifts and talents into positive activities. As educators we must make it clear to our children that they should not let fear hold them back. We at Sioni combat fear by building confidence in youth. Through our curriculum, students will also learn to think on their feet, which will give them the power to shine in difficult situations whether they are at school, at work, on stage, or on camera.

Our curriculum is designed to facilitate personal growth and the enhancement of one’s personality. We strive to help children be comfortable in their own skin, while providing them the opportunity to grow as young adults. We emphasize the skills that are necessary for team work and leadership. The Academy provides an opportunity for youth to learn and experience different activities designed to equip them with the skills to become successful in school and life.

Again, we want to cater to the needs of each school, parent and child, so do not hesitate to respond with questions surrounding any type of partnership. After school programs, one-on-one learning, classroom presentations, or any other form of partnership that you see fit are all possible with Sioni. The detailed curriculum can be discussed if your school is interested in partnering with us.